Seneca Commodities is a trader in the physical commodity market focused on international trade. We specialize in originating agricultural commodities in North America and South America and trading them to the major demand markets around the world. Our products include grains, oilseeds, pulses & legumes, ancient grains, pet food ingredients, feed ingredients and by-products for both the food and the feed segments.

We are a young and entrepreneurial company with a passion for international market development.  Our associates have over 30 years of combined business experience in the physical agricultural commodity market, with expertise in the key areas of origination, intermodal logistics and documentation. Our passion for market development and our industry knowledge have allowed us to offer innovative solutions to our customers and suppliers.

Seneca Commodities originates its products in North America and South America, where we have developed long-term relationships with farmers, cooperatives, grain elevators, and processing plants. We trade and export our commodity products via ocean containers or holds on ocean vessels.
Our competitive advantage derives from our expertise and experience in the key areas of the business:
  • Origination: we know the products we trade and the trusted suppliers, ensuring that we meet the product specifications with a consistent quality.
  • Logistics: our experience in intermodal logistics plays a key role in allowing us to provide competitive prices for our products to different destinations.
  • Execution: proficiency in all aspects of the trade from documentation to coordination of the shipment so transactions run smoothly.
  • Relationships: our business model is based on the long-term relationship built with our customers, suppliers and associates on the basis of integrity, reliability and trust.

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